4K*16Bit OTP ROM

4*14 LCD Driver

16 I/O


In traditional scale systems, sensor and chip measurement modules account for more than 90% of the power consumption. Therefore, using high-speed pulse power supply and reducing measurement time are the key to reducing the power consumption. The CSU8RP1001 SOC chip achieves a breakthrough in high-speed and high-precision measurement. When the ADC output rate is 1.9khz, PGA=136, Vref=2.6V, the effective bit still reaches 16bit. The high-speed and high-precision feature of this ADC unit makes high-speed pulse measurement possible, reducing the average power consumption of the system.

The MCU core and the LCD driver module of the traditional scales consume very little current, but they are also very large for the Solar battery. The CSU8RP1001 uses an innovative method to create LCD bias voltage,  it can drive large LCD with less than 1uA of power consumption .

8 bit RISC Core

8 bit RISC Core, and high efficiency C compiler

4K x 16-bit OTP program memory

256-byte data memory (SRAM)

Only 39 single-word instructions

8-level PC storage stack


Built-in 4 MHz oscillator with the precision of ±3% (25℃)

32768 Hz external oscillator (RTC) or 4 MHz to 8 MHz crystal oscillator

Peripheral Features

14bidirectional I/O ports, 1 input port

1 buzzer output

2 external interrupts

Built-in temperature sensor

4*14 LCD drives

Low-voltage detection (LVD) pin, 2.4V / 2.5V / 2.6V / 2.7V / 2.8V / 3.2V / 3.6V voltage provided internally for comparison

Analog Features

Integrated 24-bit ADC with 15bit ENOB(PGA = 68, output rate = 7.8KHz)

The programmable gain amplifier (PGA) integrated internally provides the gain of different times such as 1, 4, 68, 136, and 272

The output rate of ADC is in the range 30.5 Hz to 62.5 KHz

Providing a charge pump inside (2.6 V, 2.8 V, 3.0 V, or 3.2 V)

Providing a voltage stabilizer for the senor and modulator inside (2.3 V, 2.5 V, 2.8 V, and 3 V)

Special Features

Power-on reset (POR)

POR and hardware reset delay timer (39 ms)

Low voltage reset (LVR)

Timer/counter 1 — 8-bit frequency divider supporting programming and pre-frequency division

Timer/counter 2 — 8-bit frequency divider supporting programming and pre-frequency division

Extended watchdog timer (32K WDT) — Programmable time range

Low Power Consumption

Operating current of MCU

-- 1mA @ 2MHz, 3.3V in normal mode

-- 2mA @ 4MHz, 3.3V in normal mode

-- Less than 1.5μA in sleep mode


Solar electronic scale

Portable instruments

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