8-bit RISC MCU with 12-bit ADC

2K×14 bits OTP ROM, 64 bytes data RAM


The CSU32P10 is a high performance 8-bit RISC MCU with 12-bit ADC. It has 64 bytes SRAM, 1K×14 bits OTP ROM, 2 channel 32MHz 12 bit PWM, 1 channel complementary PWM, low power consumption, simple peripheral circuit. It has an excellent ADC with internal reference voltages of 1.4V / 2.0V / 3.0V / 4.0V / VDD and external input reference voltage, and the internal reference voltage supports hardware calibration. CSU32P10 is suitable for multiple applications.

8 bit RISC Core

8 bit RISC Core, and high efficiency C compiler

2K x 14-bit OTP program memory

64-byte data memory (SRAM)

Only 42 single-word instructions

8-level PC storage stack

8-level PUSH and POP stack

Supports ISP

Low Power Consumption

Operating current of MCU

-- 0.23 mA@2 MHz, 3 V in normal mode

-- 6 uA@32 KHz, 3 V in normal mode

-- Less than 1μA in sleep mode

Special Features

Power-on reset (POR)

POR and hardware reset delay timer (98 ms)

Low voltage reset (LVR) -- 1.6V / 2.0V / 2.4V

Timer 0 — 8-bit timing counter supporting programming and pre-frequency division

Timer 1 — 12-bit timer/counter with programable prescaler

Timer 2 — 12-bit timer/counter with programable prescaler

Extended watchdog timer (32K WDT) — Programmable time range

Peripheral Features

11 bidirectional I/O ports, 1 input port

2 buzzer output

2 PWM output

1 Deadzone adjustable complementary PWM output

4 internal interrupts, 2 external interrupts

8 input ports with the wake-up function -- 3 ADC ports with the wake-up function

5 channels 12-bit ADC with the wake-up function

Six kinds of reference voltage: internal 1.4V / 2.0V / 3.0V / 4.0V / VDD and external input

Internal reference voltage supports hardware calibration

Reference voltage accuracy ±1%@5V, 25°C

Support digital comparator

Low-voltage detection (LVD) pin, 2.4 V voltage provided internally for comparison

3 open drain output port

Configurable level and voltage in the input logic

PT5.0&5.1's sink current is configurable, up to 80mA@5V

CMOS Technology

Operating voltage range — 2.2 V to 5.5 V

Operating temperature range — -40~85 ºC


Built-in 16/8/4/2 MHz oscillator with the precision of ±1%, 25℃


Power bank


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